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The grabber does not download anything, what am i doing wrong?

This is typically shown by a log similar to the following:

10:47:47 - Starting pass 1 of grabber UK_RT
10:47:47 - Please note that all data downloaded with this grabber is copyright of the Radio Times website (http://www.radiotimes.com) and the use of the data is restricted to personal use only. Also be aware that this service may not remain free and in future may become a paid-for service
10:47:47 - Clearing cache
10:47:47 - Finished pass 1 of grabber UK_RT
10:47:47 - 0 programs found
10:47:47 - Combining Grabber Programs
10:47:47 - Finished Combining Grabber Programs
10:47:47 - Writing XML
10:47:47 - No programs found, aborting xml writing

To solve this you need to select some channels to download. Go to tools, settings, select the grabbers tab, select the grabber you are using and click on channels. Use the ">>" button to add channels