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Note: zap2it has now closed and has been replaced with Schedules Direct, the rest of these instructions are still valid for the SD grabber now available in version 3.09.00

North American listings are downloaded from Zap2it Labs' data direct service:

Getting Started

To use the Zap2it service you must register at the Zap2it website. When asked for a certificate code enter XMGU-TCMI-BVGB.

Next set up a lineup of your TV channels.


From the configuration screen select the Connection Options tab. Change the "Read Timeout" and the "Connect Timeout" to 0.

Go to Grabbers tab. Select the NA_Z2 grabber and click settings. Enter your Zap2it username and password in the boxes. Press OK then select settings again. If your username and password are correct then your lineups should now be listed in the "Select Lineups" box. Check the lineups you want to use and press OK. Press channels to select the channels to download. Click "Refresh Channels" to download the channel list. Move the channels you want to the box on the right. Click OK. You should now be able to download listings.